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Membership Sites Secrets

From The Desk Of Tony Mathews

Are you one of these marketers who one month earns lots of money online only to find the next your earnings have dropped?

Or are you looking for some financial security to replace the full time job you have? A regular monthly income that allows you to quit your job and life the Internet Marketing dream?

Or are you just looking at finally making some money online?

Whatever the case may be, the membership site is the answer for you. With your members paying you each month for access to your website you can very quickly build a steady full time income from your site.

The trouble is, setting up a membership site is shrouded in mystery for many people. The scripts can be complex and arcane, getting members perplexing and making the site profitable a complete conundrum.

You could learn by trial and error or through an extortionately expensive guru coaching program.

Or you could learn from a brand new, never before released training program that reveals the insider secrets to running a membership site.

Insider Secrets Revealed!

The Membership Site Secrets training program will reveal everything you need to know about running a successful and profitable membership site.

This 12 part, step by step program takes you from the very basics through to advanced concepts such as retaining members and avoiding the common mistakes many people make with their membership sites.

Many marketers consider running a membership site to be a black art, but once you understand how they work and what people want from them they are surprisingly easy for you to set up and run.

In fact, they are so easy you can even set them up to run themselves completely on autopilot depositing money in your Paypal account every month with no interaction from you at all!

This is the beauty of membership sites and why so many marketers have fallen in love with them. A membership site can turn traditional marketing on its head and make the sales process much easier for you.

In many situations, you earn significantly more from marketing to your members than you do from the membership site fees themselves. The possibilities and earnings are limitless!

Whatever your background or skill level you can set up membership sites and profit from them. It doesn't need any specialist knowledge and if you are smart (and watch video 7) you will be able to get other people to create your content and often for free!

Just How Profitable Can It Be?

Let's say you create a membership site and charge just $27 a month for access. For most people that's not a lot of money.

Instead of selling this as a single product and trying to make say a hundred sales a month, it is a membership site and you get a hundred people to sign up.

That's $2700 in your pocket straight of.

Best of all, the next month instead of having to try and sell another hundred copies of your product you have a hundred members who will automatically give you their membership fees, another $2700 in your pocket.

Let's say in your second month 20 members leave but you recruit another 50, giving you a total of 150. You are now up to $4050 in membership fees a month, and that's not including anything you make from selling to your members!

If we imagine that after a year you have 500 members, which isn't a lot then you are earning a cool $13,500 a month from your members! You can probably add another 50% to that from promoting products to your members!

If you really went for it to promote your site and got a thousand members that would be $27,000 a month just from one site!

But what if the site charged more for membership?

The possibilities are truly limitless and you can create as much money as you want from your membership sites.

Imagine you have your one site earning you $13,500 a month from just 500 members and you duplicate it a few times?

What would that level of earnings do for your life?

Who Can Run A Membership Site?

Anyone can.

Literally, anyone.

It doesn't matter whether you've been to college or even finished school.

It doesn't matter if you have no idea technically and struggle to even switch your computer on.

Anyone can run a successful membership site and with thousands and thousands of potential niches out there it is easy for you to find a site that is profitable for you.

You could start by creating a membership site build around a hobby of yours, or maybe a sport you enjoy.

Then you can branch out in to other niches as well.

The Membership Site Secrets program will show you how to find niches and how to understand what the niche wants and give it to them. You will be shocked when you realise how many untapped niches there are that are crying out for membership sites to be created and marketed to them!

Just imagine having a regular monthly income from your online business ... just how good would that feel for you?

“Introducing Membership Sites Secrets!...”

Membership Sites Secrets

The Membership Site Secrets program will tell you everything you need to know in order to set up a profitable membership site from scratch and run it well.

By now, you are curious what you will learn in your step by step video course...

Video 1 - Introduction

Membership Sites Secrets


Learn what is in this info-packed training program.

Understand what a membership site is and how it works.

6:21 minutes

Video 2 - Why A Membership Site?

Membership Sites Secrets


Learn why Internet Marketers are in love with membership sites and why you should be running some to maximize your online profits

6:30 minutes



Video 3 - Picking A Script

Membership Sites Secrets

Understand what you to look for in a script

Get a list of step by step questions to help you evaluate if a script is the right one for your membership site

16:42 minutes

Video 4 - Membership Scripts

Membership Sites Secrets

An overview of some of the more popular scripts on the market and a talk through of their major benefits and pitfalls

7:13 minutes


Video 5 - Picking A Niche

Membership Sites Secrets


Learn how to pick a niche for a membership site

Understand what makes the niche work with a membership site

5:19 minutes

Video 6 - Membership Site Formats

Membership Sites Secrets


Understand the different formats for a membership site

Learn the best (and most profitable) times to use each format

6:47 minutes

Video 7 - Providing Content

Membership Sites Secrets


Discover the best places to get your content from

Learn what your members want from the content you give them (hint : it helps to keep them members!)

7:17 minutes


Video 8 - Retaining Members

Membership Sites Secrets


Halt members leaving your site

Discover how to make your members literally beg to stay

Little known tactics to keeping your members happy revealed

7:25 minutes

Video 9 - Common Membership Sites Mistakes

Membership Sites Secrets


Avoid the common mistakes that the majority of membership site owners make

Discover how people ruin their chances of succeeding with their membership site

7:11 minutes


Video 10 - Succeeding With A Membership Site

Membership Sites Secrets


Learn what to do to make your membership site successful and profitable

Discover ways to stay ahead of the competition and be the best membership site in your chosen niche

9:08 minutes


Video 11 - Driving Traffic

Membership Sites Secrets


An overview of how to get traffic to your membership site

Learn some of the best ways for you to get free, highly targeted traffic that will convert like crazy

5:48 minutes


Video 12 - Summary

Membership Sites Secrets


In this video we summarize what you have learnt in this course

Follow a step by step action plan for making everything you have learned work and earn for you

5:47 minutes


But Wait! That's Not All!

Take Action NOW And We'll Provide You With A Full Transcript Of The Course Absolutely FREE!

Take action and place your order today and we'll add a complementary transcript of the entire course! We were going to sell this separately as an up-sell however we'd decided to give you this to get you started and to keep you focus.

Print it out, read it before bedtime, or read it from your computer. If you need to go back a point without having to load our videos you can just skim read what you need!

“So How Much Is Membership Sites Secrets Worth To You?”

You may be wondering how to make your Internet income more stable so that it didn't fluctuate so much every month.

You may be wondering how to increase your Internet income and take it from a hobby to a full time income.

Whatever is the case, a membership site is the answer. Through a well run membership site you can have a regular monthly income from your online business, in addition to everything else you earn online.

You then have a targeted list of buyers you can market other products and services to and earn from them.

If you have been wondering whether you should run a membership site, the answer is a resounding yes. With everything you will learn in this training program you will be fully equipped to set up a profitable membership site from scratch.

Even if you are running a membership site and want to make it better and increase your membership, you will still find useful tips and information to help you increase your earnings.

Membership sites are a vital part of every marketers portfolio and you can see you income increase from this highly profitable sites.

You see having some or part of the pieces of the puzzle is just as good as having none of them. Without complete knowledge you're only kicking yourself and wasting both your time and money. Membership Sites Secrets puts you on the right track to starting your business. Learn to walk before you run and I can guarantee you'll do very well!

So please scroll down and secure your copy today before a) the price rises, or b) I remove this video series altogether and bundle into a more expensive training course!

Act now and don't put this off any longer. Because to put it bluntly: you are not the only person reading this letter now. Your would-be competitors are too. And you know the problem with saturated competition? You just wished you'd act sooner.

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The guru's have been enjoying the many benefits of membership sites quietly for years. With the information contained in this powerful video training program you can learn how to set up your own membership sites that earn for you every month.

This step by step video course will show you everything you need to know about membership sites from the different types of site, to which script to use and much more.

The fluff free presentation means that every minute of the training is pure gold information that will show you exactly how to set up your own sites.

With the recurring income a membership site gives you it provides a stable income that will keep coming in month after month. A membership site is an incredible business model and one that will help you increase your earnings online.

Take action now and reserve your copy of Membership Site Secrets.

In an hour and a half you will learn everything you need to know in order to set up profitable membership sites that can run on autopilot earning for you. Through the information in this video program you can massively increase your income and set up passive streams of monthly income.

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