Now it's as simple as watching a video on your computer and you're on your way to building a highly-responsive list, a trustworthy relationship with them, and converting your list into sales whenever you have an offer, no matter how new you are to email marketing!

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If your answer to any one of these questions is yes, then the 'Solo Ad Wizard' videocourse can immediately eliminate the obstacles in your path and guide you through the process of building, converting and following up witha list so you can quickly be on your way to making sales consistently without losing subscribers or experiencing solo ad nightmares.

If you have a website and you are not capturing emails, you are missing out on sales.

If you have a sales funnel and building a list is not part of that funnel, you are leaving cash on the table.

You probably already know this, most do... So then why do so many newbies get it wrong?

Listen, email marketing is a lot like a long distance marathon.

To succeed BIG and long term:

Problem is, most people are looking to make a quick buck as fast as they can, and many do.
But then they're left scratching their head when...

- Their list, doesn't open their emails
- Their list, doesn't click their links
- Their list, doesn't buy
- And eventually they unsubscribe

Why? Let me explain...

You see most have heard the term, "The Money is in the List"

All the gurus teach it.
Marketing forums yack about it all day.
And the marketing hall of fame is paved with success stories of list owners sending out ONE EMAIL and raking more money in one day than most folks make in an entire year!
Fact is, it's all true.

Making money from a list consistently...

Then why is it so HARD for people to consistently make sales?

Listen carefully,

List building is only profitable if you focus on building a QUALITY list.

However, the big myth that people want you to believe is that you need a HUGE list, or that you should build the list fast.

This is the faulty concept of quantity over quality.

If you have believed that to be true, I want you to go ahead - Scratch that out of your mind!
I want you to think the opposite here - quality over quantity.

Forget all the video courses that you've watched that tell you that you can or should build a 10,000 list in 2 days or that you need a HUGE list to succeed.

Do that... and you will fail!

How would you like to discover how to build a list from solo ads but also how to get that list to convert?

There are three critical factors to succeeding...

1. Where you get the list
2. Your initial offer
3. How you use the list

Most people that fail either look at one or two, not three. In order for this to work you need all three which I'll cover in more depth. But for now, let me give you something you can use immediately.

Converting a list is what takes time but it's where the magic happens. So, if you set yourself up for success and create a proper plan of attack which I'll show you in this specific video series, you'll be closer to success.

Yes - You can build a profitable list from solo ads.

But not all lists are created equal. In other words, not all lists will produce quality results.

1) Where you get the list

Here are some common mistakes people make:

- Finding a list owner who's emailed their list so many times that it has diluted their list. The list is sick of emails of little value that when you make an offer you are positioned with the reputation as 'bad' just by association. If you don't know how to look for a list owner who has not diluted their lists, then you have already set yourself up for failure.

- Finding a list that is outdated. It's good to know how old the leads are and how interested they have seen in the solo ads that have been sent out.

- Finding a list that is not related to the topic of their initial offer.

- Not creating a plan of attack

2) Your initial offer

Obviously in order to get more people to sign up on your list when you do a solo ad campaign, you need to make sure that your initial offer is something of value.

In other words, you want to make sure that it is something that people really, really want.

You may not realize this, but your initial offer is what will position you from here on out and brand your reputation as 'quality' or 'bad'. It will brand you as someone either to be trusted or to be avoided. Of course, there are many other strategies along the way that I will teach you in this specific video course to help you stand out as 'good quality'.

3) How you use it

It's not about the size, it's how you use the list.

I've seen lists of 10k convert at 1% or less, while lists of 500 at 20-30% outrank them.

It all boils down to these three rules and many more factors.

Follow it and you'll get there.

Don't follow it or don't know it exists, then say goodbye to your list growth and conversions.

- How would you like to know if the solo ad list owner is good or not?
- What questions should you ask them?
- How to email your list so they'll actually buy?

All these questions and many more will be answered in this course...

Solo Ad Wizard

Solo Ad WizardIn this specific video, you will be given a quick overview of the video series as a whole, how it all works, and tools you will need. This way you will be able to understand how all the pieces of the puzzle fit together. In other words, once you understand this then implementing the process will actually be easier and faster.

In this 11:14min video, we will be looking at

  • How you can build a list from Solo Ads
  • Things you need to bear in mind while creating a highly converting list
  • What people tend to forget while creating a list
  • Why having the right mindset is very critical
  • How quality is more important over quantity


Solo Ad WizardOne of the reasons why people fail is they get all excited about solo ads, building their list, and creating wealth before actually implementing a plan of attack. I know this can be exciting for you, but in order for me to help you - I need to show you how to create this plan of attack and apply it to your initial offer and future promotions as well.

In this 11:22min video, let's look at

  • How to set up your plan of attack
  • The three major factors that affect the plan of attack
  • A sales funnel formula that you can follow step by step for success
  • What is the start point for your list being successful
  • Why recommendations are powerful


Solo Ad Wizard

After you have brainstormed the basics and your initial plan of attack. It's time to iron this out, and create a mind map of success to ensure that you're able to follow through on every step of your plan.

In this 17:05min video, we will understand about

  • How you can customize your plan of attack
  • Mindmap softwares you can use to create a high converting list
  • Where you can get this kind of software
  • Step by step instructions on how to use the mindmap software
  • What benefits such softwares can offer you to become successful


Solo Ad WizardRemember that where you get the list from is key. So, in this specific video you're going to learn what questions to ask solo ad list sellers. Before you jump all in because you're excited, it's very important to do your due diligence and research of the solo ad list sellers before you pay money or even worse get bad leads.

In this 12:49min video, let's take a look at

  • The questions you must ask the seller before you purchase a solo ad from them
  • Things you need to pick up when your questions get answered
  • The kind of audience related questions you must ask
  • Which sites you must use to be successful
  • Where you can find Solo Ad sellers


Solo Ad Wizard

There are many big myths that the gurus want you to believe.
They sell a dream that shows you that you were able to build this massive list that converts into many sales. While that dream can come true, it does take some work in reality to create a high converting list.

One of the myths is that you're able to build a massive list and start promoting to that list immediately. If you don't have a relationship with your list, then converting them into sales is actually a lot harder. Now the approach that we will be taking in this specific video is quality over quantity. This way it doesn't matter if you have a list of 100 people, 200 people, or even 300 people.

In this 4:07min video, get to know about

  • The myths that experts want you to believe
  • When it is that you actually lose focus
  • Why most companies lose their customer service
  • How you can make your customer happy
  • When you should promote and when you should hold back


Solo Ad Wizard
Congruency is key, and using this specific concept and applying it to your plan of attack will allow you to convert at a higher rate.We will be covering everything from signing up, to training, andtips all the way to what you should sell.Congruency in application to your initial offer is important as well.If your initial offer is not valuable to your customers' perspective, then that will reflect on your reputation and your positioning. So, we'll talk about positioning and how to do it correctly andmore on that later.

In this 7:40min video, what you will learn is

  • About congruency and how it can impact the initial offers
  • What exactly is congruency
  • Understand this parameter with the help of an example
  • How you can increase your conversion rates
  • A 3-step strategy on how to enhance conversion rates


Solo Ad Wizard

Another key to positioning yourself is your personality. As youbuild a relationship with your list - you will attract people on your list who are a lot like you.And you will likely turn off those who are not like you. Without knowing it - birds of a feather flock together - that saying is true and still holds true to the application of this specific process.

In this 5:22min video, we will be studying about

  • How your personality impacts the way you communicate with your list
  • Why positioning yourself is highly critical
  • Why understanding your audience extremely important
  • How you can stand out from the rest
  • Why integrity is such an important quality to have


Solo Ad Wizard

Within your plan of the attack you should have a follow-up series. A follow-up series is merely a way to communicate with your new list and warm them up on a consistent basis. Now, there are many ways of approaching this specific strategy. And you'll learn more in this specific video on how to properly implement the follow-up series in the proper manner of building a strong relationship with your list.

In this 4:50min video, let's take a look at

  • What you should email in your follow-up series
  • Why training is very important
  • How sticking to one kind of medium can be really helpful
  • How to draw up the right kind of schedule
  • Some sample emails you can use to make your venture successful


Solo Ad Wizard

Now, here's the moment that everybody has been waiting for. How to convert your list so that when you can sell your own or an affiliate offer, you actually make sales. By following the whole process that I will be laying out in this specific video series and creating that plan of attack, in order to convert - you have to make sure that everything lines up correctly.

You want to position yourself in the manner of somebody that they can really really trust. In this specific video you will learnhow to properly convert and increase your conversion rates at aphenomenal rate.

In this 4:32min video, you will get to know

  • When you should actually sell
  • Patience is the real virtue
  • Why selling stuff that you have reviewed is important
  • Why you should treat your list like gold
  • Why you should stick to promoting the original product


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This is no get rich quick scheme. It's about building a quality listover quantity and building a relationship with your list for yearsto come. Remember, the key is the more you serve them, themore they will respond to you in the future.

Here's just a sliver of what you're going to discover:

Just imagine...

Think about it. Where will you be a year from now? Will you still be struggling to build a list that converts, while competitors who are savvy steal business from you?

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