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If you're like most people starting out online, WordPress can be quite intimidating. In fact, if you grew up working with HTML websites then the thought of making the switch to blogs can be quite off-putting.

The thought of editing a WordPress theme, installing a plugin or maintaining the site is enough to scare off and beginner - and that's even before it's installed!

So why bother blogging?...

Blogging has several advantages when it comes to creating websites fast - not to mention when it comes to making money online!

With a WordPress blog you can post articles and other content on a regular basis from any computer in the world without having to remember your FTP details to upload files! Not only that, but when you do add new content, it's organized nicely so that search engines like Google can pick it up quicky!

With a WordPress blog you can monetize it easily with AdSense Ads, ClickBank text links, banners, sign-up forms and so much more to your sidebar which will update all the pages within your blog so you don't have to update each page individually! This alone is a great time saver especially as your blog grows over time!

With a WordPress blog you can easily customize and add new fuctional features to it called 'plugins' to allow you to sell products online, review products as an affiliate, build massive mailing lists, and automate repetitive tasks!

...and the best part is that this platform is FREE!

All you need is a domain and webhosting and you're good to go - and you'll be able to start your online business!

the problem is... how do you use it to it's full potential so you can make money online?

Well that's why you're here on this page today! We're going to show you step-by-step how to setup your first blog within a matter of minutes and then teach you how to customize it so that it's ready to use so you can start making money with it!

Introducing WordPress Know How!...

Here's a quick peek at what's inside this fantastic video course...

How to install WordPress quickly and easily

• In this 6:17 video, you will listen to steps required to installing Wordpress.

• How to log into your cPanel at your hosting site and follow the directions to reach Fantastico.

• Continue following the directions inside Fantastico, take note of safety concerns, and finalize the installation.

How to set your General Settings

• In this 5:28 video, find out more about the different customization options available in WordPress.

• How to navigate your way through WordPress and mange several options that'll you'll need to use often.

• Continue to save your changes and learn more about the separate boxes used for customization.

How to add images to WordPress

• In this 4:20 video, you will find out more about the advantages to adding pictures to your website.

• How to navigate to your Wordpress Dashboard and visit the Pages tab.

• Get directions for choosing the Media Upload option and learn how to navigate through your computer’s HDD to select individual images to upload, display, and add options such as text.

The difference between a Post and a Page

• In this 4:49 video, you will learn the difference between a page and a post.

• Learn and listen to the definition of a page, and then watch how a page is created in Wordpress.

• Find out more about a post, which is an individual message that appears on a page.

How to style your content pages with bolding, italics, and underlining

• In this 3:26 video, find out more about how to jazz up your page with bolding and italics.

• How to navigate your dashboard within pages. Watch as options are discussed for different formatting.

• Follow directions for submitting your changes and check to make sure they have worked.

How to insert hyperlinks into your content

• In this 3:33 video, discover how to insert hyperlink texts into your content.

• How to navigate to your Wordpress Dashboard and visit the Pages tab.

• Follow directions for how to use the hyperlink button as well as the various options associated with the button.

How to find free themes for your WordPress site

• In this 4:40 video, you will discover more about Wordpress themes, which are design-structures used to customize a website’s appearance.

• How to navigate to your Dashboard and click on Appearance.

• Learn how to browse through themes, install them, and activate.

• Listen to effective means for finding free Wordpress themes.

How to find and install plugins on your WordPress site

• In this 5:16 video, you will listen to and learn about the advantages of plugins for Wordpress.

• How to navigate to the Plugins page search for plugins.

• Listen to instructions for installing and activating plugins for Wordpress.

How to add a YouTube video to your content page

• In this 2:09 video, discover how to insert a YouTube video onto your website.

• Why you should copy a video’s URL and paste the link into your Wordpress page’s text for better performance.

• Listen to instructions for how to find embedding code that can be inserted into HTML code, as an alternative to a direct link.

How to set Permalinks for your site

• In this 4:14 video, discover how to manage post and discussion submissions.

• How to determine whether or not you want people to post comments.

• How to navigate your way through the discussion settings to different options associated with post submission.

How to Use Wordpress Menus

• In this 4:38 video, you will learn about how to edit and customize the menus, or menu, in your Wordpress site.

• How to navigate to your Wordpress Dashboard, to the menu section.

• Listen to instructions for how to create a menu, customize buttons in the menu, rearrange the order of the buttons in the menu, and more.

How to modify your sidebar widgets

• In this 2:52 video, learn more about changing the appearance of your website’s sidebar.

• How to navigate to your dashboard to add or mofidy your widgets

• Listen to directions for how to select and remove different categories that appear in your sidebar.

How to add new users to your site

• In this 2:57 video, you will follow step-by-step instructions for adding an entirely new user to edit, create, or manage content on your webpage.

• How to navigate your way through the dashboard to add new users

• Follow the instructions and listen to the various user-options available for a new user.

How to add new categories

• In this 3:18 video, you will be shown how to use different categories to separate information so that it can be easily navigated.

• How to navigate to your dashboard, to add/remove/delete caterogies for SEO optimization and post organization.

• Follow instructions for how to create and edit a new category.

How to add new links to your blogroll

• In this 3:33 video, you will learn more about links to different blogs, called blogrolls.

• How to navigate to your dashboard to modify your blogroll links.

• Follow directions for deleting unwanted blogs, adding new blogs, describing blogs, and tagging blogs that appear in your blogroll.

How to set up your site so it's more secure

• In this 5:16 video, learn more about securing your website from online piracy.

• How to find and install a suitable security plugin.

• Allow the plugin to make necessary changes to your Wordpress site, and follow on-screen instructions to complete installation.

How to strengthen your password

• In this 2:19 video, visit a Strong Password Generator and learn the attributes of a good password.

• How to generate a strong password without thinking about it!

• Follow directions to change the password on your Wordpress website by entering the Security tab.

How to adjust Discussion settings

• In this 3:30 video, find out more about permalink settings.

• Listen to why custom structure is the best option for attracting attention from search engines.

• Follow steps to save your changes and adjust settings to be appropriate for a pre-launch website.

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once you've got your first blog setup, you'll NEVER want to go back to old fashioned HTML!... here's why...

WordPress blogs are dymanic - standard HTML is not! If your site consisted of 100+ pages and you want to change a meta tag, the location of your header image, your site title, or anything else, you'd have to manually go through each file and edit it. With WordPress blogs however, because pages are dynamically created from component files i.e. header.php and footer.php, you will only have to edit one file. This is a massive time saver and very re-assuing knowing that any mistakes or modifications can be taken care of quickly.

WordPress blogs can be easily re-designed - HTML design is limited to your HTML knowledge. That might sound like an obvious statement but let me explain. With HTML if you want to add a menu in your header so visitors can navigate easily, you'll have to first do some reseach on Google to find the javascript code and then tinker with it to get it working how you want. Depending on the complexity of the menu, and the number of pages you have to update this can take a while. With WordPress however, your menu is updated dynmically with every new page you create. Your menu will vary depending on the theme you have installed, but even the default theme has this in-built function.

WordPress is search engine optimized. Standard HTML is not. This is probably common knowledge by now and even if you don't fully understand WordPress you'll have to admit that there are a lot of blogs appearing on the first page of Google for almost any search term you enter. Now there are many features within WordPress that make it so lovable by search engines like Google such as hyperlinked post titles matching your page name, hyperlinked tags, hyperlinked categories, descriptions within the catergories, organized h1, h2, and h3 tags, and so much more. With HTML however, you have to do this manually. If you have say 10 sites on your page with a sidebar linking to other pages, you'd have to manually hyperlink each of those ten links. Then you'd have to repeat the process for each page. Even if you were copying and pasting, it's still an inefficient way of working when a platform such as WordPress can do this all dynamically for you.

HTML has no user-friendly way of installing scripts. WordPress however makes script-installing easy with it's plugin system. It's simply a case of browsing for what you want, choosing it and activating it and it's suddenly added into your WordPress admin. No standard HTML site can do this unless there's some serious modification done. But again, why bother going through the hassle when it can simplified?

no matter what you want to use your blog for, you'll benefit in some way! Guaranteed!

I think you're starting to see the power and advantages WordPress has over standard HTML. And it's no wonder that they're getting more and more popular.

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