If you're panicking about about the size and unresponsiveness of your mailing list then you need to...

“Boost your sign-up rate to 50, 100, even 250 sign-Ups per day using 15 of my most powerful subscriber-attracting techniques that I'm about to reveal to you...”

I have used these techniques to build a massive list of over 42,148 active subscribers in several niches which I can email new offers to them any time I want! Now I'm going to share them with you...

From The Desk Of Tony Mathews

How many eBooks have you read on 'list building' and 'email marketing?'... I'm willing to bet that you've spent more time than you care to imagine.

Now tell me which one of these has actually made a REAL difference to how much you earn online?... Which one has allowed you to make money every time you send out an email?...

Here's the harsh and simple truth - your subscribers will go stale!

I know that's not something you want to hear but it's something that most courses won't tell you upfront. You need more than just a 'number' of subscribers. You need a CONSISTENT FLOW of new subscribers on a daily basis!

Stop and tell if you can relate to this...

"How do I know what list building methods are still working today before I waste all my efforts on the things not working?"

"How can I build a list if I don't have any established authority or credibility in the marketplace?"

"How can I get Affiliates to promote my products when there are so many Affiliate products out there to promote?"

"What about the fact that I do not have any money? What methods are Low cost or no cost that are available for me to use right now to get my list building started?"

"How can I use some of these methods with top marketers when I am just starting out?"

So many questions and no answers to help me out! Well that's why you're here on this page today!...

You're about to discover 15 of the best and most effective ways to start building your mailing list right now so you can achieve 250+ sign-ups or more per day!

Have you got an auto-responder account?... Could you do me and yourself a quick favor and see how many people have acutally signed up to your list today?...

How many?.. 10... 20... maybe less?

Now ask yourself, would you bother to go out of your way and write an email especially for those new people that subscribed today?...

Personally I wouldn't and neither should you. It would be a waste of your time and very unlikely that you'll get any new sales because the numbers are not in your favour!

You'd have to wait at least a week before you might consider sending out a promotion... but even then you can't expect any big payments.

Now imagine what it's like to have 100, even 250+ people entering your mailing list EVERY DAY!

That's 250 today, 500 by tomorrow, 750 by day 3... 1750 by the end of the week. Most marketers have spend months just to actively attain a couple of thousand - yet you've somehow achieved it in a week without a care in the world!

That's working smart...

And that's how you work your way to financial freedom.

Automate your list building by the 100s every day. Send out an email (even line them up in your auto-responder sequence) and watch your income grow.

In theory there's nothing complicated about what I've just told you. I'm sure you can already see it now! All you need is the techniques and 'know how' to achieve this kind of sign up rate and then you're in business!

This is what 'Champion List Builder' is all about.

With a solid sign up rate I can email multiple lists throughout the week only working 4 hours per week like so...

Yes you read that right! Because I've set everything up and get a good flow of opt-ins every single day I can rest a little here and there and send out emails to keep the cash flowing. In fact I can spent as little as 4 hours per week just looking for affiliate programs, blogging about them and sending multiple niche lists in that direction!

Here's how I construct my week...

Day 1 - Email internet marketers 'free' subscribers. I send out an email to those subscribers that signed up to one of my free offer sites. I look for an affiliate program closely related to what they want and use the pre-written email that the vendor provides. Rest for the day.

Working Time: 30-60 minutes.

Day 2 - Email 'weight loss' subscribers. Find affiliate product, blog about it (sometimes pay someone to write it), link to the product through affiliate link and email 'weight loss' subscribers. Rest for the day.

Working Time: 30-60 minutes.

Day 3 - Email internet marketers 'paid' subscribers. I either put together a quick offer from PLR material, or look for another affiliate program that I can promote and again use any pre-written email that the vendor provides. Rest for the day.

Working Time: 30-60 minutes.

Day 4 - Email 'self improvement' subscribers. Find affiliate product, blog about it (sometimes pay someone to write it), link to the product through affiliate link and email 'self improvement' subscribers. Rest for the day.

Working Time: 30-60 minutes.

Day 5 - Resend email for 'weight loss' subscribers by copying and pasting what was sent before with a slight variation on email. Rest for the day.

Working Time: 10-15 minutes.

Day 6 - Resend email for 'self improvement' subscribers by copying and pasting what was sent before with a slight variation on email. Rest for the day.

Working Time: 10-15 minutes.

Day 7 - May send out reminder email to 'internet marketing list'. Rest and watch YouTube films/videos. Sometimes go for a random day out, and eat chinese food (dim sum my favourite).

Total Working Time For The Week: 4hours 30minutes.


Of course I like to develop my business and choose to work and do other things like SEO, auto-blogging, article writing, build new sites, build memberships, and so on.

The point is if I really wanted I could continue doing this process again and again until there were no more people with a computer left on earth - my 40k list is miniscule in comparison!

STOP chasing the next big thing!

You can do the same thing too!

There are NO smoke and mirrors! The same secrets that I use, you can use them too. Even if you need an extra kick in the seat of your pants to get you going.

What if you had the opportunity to set down with a List Building Expert, and that expert allowed you to look over their shoulder and listen as they taught you all of the "WORKING" techniques and secrets they use every day to grow massive responsive lists?

I doubt that you'll even want to pause to breathe or blink an eye in fear of missing something extremely important. Well that is the equivalent of what I'm about to offer you. Except that you won't have to worry about missing anything because you will have it all right there in front of you so you can go back over it as many times as you wish until you get it right.


Champion List Builder!...”

Setting Your List Building Campaign On Fire NOW So You Can Work Less In The Future!

Champion List Builder

Champion List Builder will lay out the grounds for you to achieve 50, 100 even 250+ subscribers per day so you can always rest assured that every email you sent out in the future will bring you a new form of income!

Here's a more detailed look at my step-by-step course:

Champion List Builder - 2 hours of deep dark secrets to building a mailing list in the 1000s...

Here are just a few of the secrets and techniques you'll get from this high content session:

Learn the exact methods I would use if we were just starting out and had limited or no funds available to list build.

I will go over these two highly effective list building strategies and systems in detail including how to make this work for any niche market!

Your about to really learn how to take advantage of the relationship a marketer has with their list that already knows, likes, and trusts them to get some incredible targeted optins for your list building.

Know how you can take advantage of these incredibly powerful forms of list building. Most people never really understand all of the variables that go into using these techniques properly for maximum results. You now have this information right here at your fingertips and will soon know how amazing the results really can be.

Discover how to gain Maximum Profits From Your List Building Efforts...It all depends on your backend strategy.

How to use your list to produce maximum profits – building a good list is only half the battle, now you have to entice members of your list to buy … find out how here.

You have the traffic now it is time to learn how to effectively take advantage of that traffic over and over again by using the simple, but highly effective special offer technique to automate a powerful income stream generator.

How to turn your fiercest competition into your best partners and add a few extra thousands of subscribers to your mailing list.

Walk away knowing THE undoubtedly FASTEST way to grow a massive buyers mailing list know to the big players in the market. You need to be doing this and doing it well.

How to use the "give to get" marketing principle to grow your list faster than you ever thought possible. Once you get a hold of this concept it can literally revolutionize your business.

Learn the software needed to create effective pop ups to be used on blogs, basic websites, or on sales pages to capture those that have landed on your page and try to get away without buying.

Stop working so hard to get the traffic to your site just to see them leave and maybe never return.It is time that you stop working so hard to get the traffic and start working on monetizing the traffic you already have.

Why do all of the work yourself when you can have other people doing some of the leg work for you. Learn how to create viral mini reports that are monetized and that can send a flood of traffic back to your squeeze pages.

Discover how shockingly easy short viral reports Will generate good targeted leads that start generating you cash almost instantly. Put this method to work and watch it go viral.

This is one session we can't leave out. Everyone is blogging but very few successfully know how to build a nice targeted list through their efforts.

Once you have the systems down it is time to make sure things really get taking off. Time for the old rinse and repeat.

Learn how giving 100% commissions to your Affiliates will grow you a massive and very responsive buyers list.

How to keep your Affiliates promoting your products instead of getting lost in the sea of affiliate programs, and promoting someone else's product.

Know the best kind of Affiliate program that will attract top JV partners and Affiliates

Learn how to grab those almost buyers who chicken out from buying your product and place them right on your list where they belong. Sell something else to them later.

Using this method will allow you to do a test run before you commit to spending major advertising funds.

Got friends? Learn how your friends can generate your list for you while you just set back and concentrate on your marketing... Remember, leads that come through recommendations are hot leads.

One major method will have you adding tons of subscribers daily to your list all on autopilot using this with a set of JV Partners or just one if your just starting out.

The last method taught will have you slapping yourself in the head!

These are just a few of the amazing things you'll learn inside Champion List Builder. This is a 2 hour long course packed with all the meat and no vegetables! I have not even begun to list the benefits to this video training!

You've got so much to gain from this that you'll wonder why you didn't do half of these techniques mentioned in here!

don't just take our word for it!...

"I always thought I was hitting the ceiling..."

Wow I can't believe there were so many ways to do this! I'm no stranger to list building and I have been maintaining my own list for a while now sending out a few promotions here and there. I always thought I was hitting the ceiling and couldn't really push it any further but I've been proven wrong.

I've just been applying the 'Viral PDF reports' technique alone and have added 100s of subscribers since doing it! And I find them to be more responsive to my mailings. Now I've just got to go through the 14 other techniques!

I have absolutely no trouble recommending this course to anyone who wants to build their list! Two thumbs up from me!

Thanks again!
Ryan E.

"Takes things to a whole new level!"

I've bought your products in the past and was happy to pick this up to review!

I'm simply blown away by this course and know it's going to help a lot of people get subscribers.

I've done a bit of list building myself and have even segregated them like you've said on your blog but this takes things to a whole new level!

Thanks again!
- Edward

But wait... that's not all! Make sure you secure your copy today and we'll even include a written report of this course so you can flick back to any technique and learn at your own pace - away from the computer!

Special Bonus! - Champion List Builder 41pg essential report for quick reading!

Champion List Builder bonus packageWhat I’m going to share with you is not just the tactics themselves, but some I’m going to point out to you and tell you which ones have built me the most subscribers, for example, and which ones are working the best for me right now.

I don’t want you to look at this as if it’s a written report, I want you to look at it as if it’s life changing knowledge and information because it doesn’t matter if it’s written on a napkin.

It doesn’t matter if someone is teaching it to you one-on-one over the phone or one-on-one through a webinar or through group coaching; it’s all information, and this powerful information is the most powerful information that I’ve ever come across online.

List building has been the key to my success over the years and I have a lot of people to thank for that, but I mostly have to thank myself because I’ve gone out of my way to explore all of these realms of list building.

We plan to sell this as a separate product however you'll receive this as a bonus aboslutely free with your video course!

This is what happens every time I decide to send out a quick email...

If you wanted a quick 'top up' every now and again just put together a quick offer, send an email to one of your list segments and then go to sleep. Wake up the next morning knowing that you've made yet more sales on top of what's already coming in!

There's no fancy tricks, no voodoo magic, just simple efficient systems in place to make it work.

I've been doing this for several years now and every time I do it, I gather more sales, new customers and more affiliates. The system does not need tweaking - it's perfect as it as an I'm going to show you the traffic sources to make this happen!

“So How Much Is Champion List Builder REALLY Worth To You?”

There's a difference between being BUSY and being PRODUCTIVE.

Don't be fooled into thinking that creating more squeeze pages or creating more content or using out-dated traffic generation techniques is going to change anything.

You need to be where the action is - and Champion List Builder will show you the action you need to be taking!

You see having some or part of the pieces of the puzzle is just as good as having none of them. Without complete knowledge you're only kicking yourself and wasting both your time and money. Champion List Builder puts you on the right track to starting your business. Learn to walk before you run and I can guarantee you'll do very well!

So please scroll down and secure your copy today before a) the price rises, or b) I remove this video series altogether and bundle into a more expensive training course!

Act now and don't put this off any longer. Because to put it bluntly: you are not the only person reading this letter now. Your would-be competitors are too. And you know the problem with saturated competition? You just wished you'd act sooner.

Champion List Builder

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